The house of the dragon will premiere on 21 August 2022

TV Show: House of the dragon series review

It’s an HBO series and yes, related to Game of Thrones

TV Show: House of the dragon series review, Buzzfeed Entertainment magazine .

In Dothraki cultures, what is a khalasar?

Council Warlord Tribe Wife


Who is the leader of the White Walkers?

Ashen King Night King Dark King  Lord of the Undead


Who was Sansa never engaged married to?

Loras Tyrell Joffrey Baratheon Tyrion Lannister Petyr Baelish


Daenerys' childhood home is known as the house with the...

blue door almond tree red door fig tree

Quiz, Buzzfeed Entertainment magazine .

What was the original name of Yara Greyjoy in the novels?

Asha Moira Kori Yael


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