Top 5 Animal Facts

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Top 5 Animal Facts
Top 5 Animal Facts

Dog can detect cancer just by smelling


Dogs can smell cancer. If your dog is acting weird near you, you should got and get yourself checked.

Turtles are not ‘inside’ their shell. They are their shells.


  • Scientific name: Testudines
  • Number Of Species: 334
  • Lifespan: 30 – 200+ years
  1. Turtles are not ‘inside’ their shell. They are their shells.
  2. Turtles don’t participate in hibernation like other reptiles.
  3. The average pet turtle has a lifespan of nearly 80 years with the right care

Cockroaches were the first organism to be born in space


  • Scientific Name: Blattaria
  • Number Of Species: 4,500
  • Lifespan:  20 to 30 weeks
  1. Cockroaches were the first organism to be born in space, total of 33 cockroach babies were born in the space shuttle in 2007 which were stronger than cockroaches born on Earth.
  2. They have existed for more than 300 million years.
  3. They can carry 33 kinds of bacteria, six different types of parasitic worms and seven known pathogens.

Sharks have been around longer than trees


  • Scientific name: Selachimorpha
  • Number Of Species: 1,000
  • Lifespan: 20 to 30 years
  1. Sharks have been around longer than trees. Sharks appeared 400 million years ago while trees appeared 350 million years ago.
  2. They are fish that do not have any bones at all. Instead, their body is primarily made of cartilage instead, which is the same material that the human nose and ears are made from
  3. They have pretty good eyesight which means that they can also see clearly in dim-lighted areas.
  4. The spiny dogfish has one of the longest lifespans at more than 100 years.

A scorpion can hold its breath up to 6 Days


  • Scientific Name: Scorpiones
  • Number Of Species: 2,600
  • Lifespan: 2 to 6 years
  1. A scorpion can hold its breath up to 6 Days, can survive a whole year without food easily & glows under ultraviolet rays
  2. Most species of scorpion are not a serious threat to humans.
  3. The largest scorpion in the world is the giant forest scorpion. It can grow to more than 9 inches in length
  4. About 25 species of scorpion have venom deadly enough to kill a human.
  5. The smallest scorpion is a species found in Texas that measures only 23 millimeters


  • Scientific Name: Ephemeroptera
  • Number Of Species: 2,500
  1. 24 hours or less has the shortest lifespan on earth


  • Scientific Name: Formicidae
  • Number Of Species: 12000
  • Lifespan: 4 years
  1. More than 300 spider species have evolved to disguise themselves as ants as a predatory technique.
  2. There is a single “super ant colony” that stretches 3,700 miles along the Mediterranean coast.
  3. Ants are thought to have developed from wasp like creatures 100 million years ago after blooming flowers appeared on Earth.


  • Scientific Name: Acinonyx jubatus
  • Lifespan: 12 years
  • Top speed: 70 mph

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