Top 20 Best Useful Websites

Top 20 Best Useful Websites
Top 20 Best Useful Websites

Top 20 Best Useful Websites – A quick rundown of the most helpful websites and web tools that AI experts can use to quickly reach their goals. Everyone can use a little help now and then, even the best of us. If you’re looking for great websites that can help you with a wide variety of different things, this is truly the post for you.

Music Streaming Service is a well-known music streaming service that makes it easy to discover and play great music — and now, available on the web and your iOS device. It’ll recommend tracks you probably like based on your listening tastes. will even give you recommendations based on the selected music.

Profile Picture Maker

Do you want a professional looking profile picture but don’t know how to make one? If yes then this is the website you need. Show off your profile picture now! Change it to one of our awesome designs in seconds. Take profile pictures with your loved ones, or friends and put them into social networking sites.

Image Tool

If you’re looking for great software or want to increase productivity with new technology, try iloveimg. This automatic online image processing application allows you to manipulate the size and appearance of your photos in a few simple steps. And best of all, iloveimg is free! With this service you can reduce images in size and optimize them accordingly. Also, we automatically eliminate all archive files within two hours after you open them for editing, as well as convert them from one format to another.

PDF Tool

Every tool you need to use PDFs, at your fingertips. All are 100% FREE and easy to use! Merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs with just a few clicks.

File Converter

Free online video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter. No account required. There is a lot of content on the web and you may want to share many pdf or video files with friends and family at no charge. Online Convert is an easy to use tool which helps you to convert various file formats easily. It can convert PDF to Word (Doc), PPT to JPG, AVI to MP4, WAV to OGG etc. Whether you are looking for a free online video converter, audio converter, image converter or eBook converter then Online Convert is your answer.

Internet Speed Test Service

This is a internet speedtest application, but unlike many speed test applications out on the web, this one is easy to use and it tells you a lot of useful information such as where the server is based and how fast your connection is. It even gives you an A to Z score. Now some people may think that the internet connection itself isn’t important, but we all know that in this day and age the internet is essential for pretty much everything you do. And if you work from home or away from home, that makes your connection just as important as getting a paying job.

Software Website

AlternativeTo is a simple and straightforward website which lists alternatives to web-based software, desktop computer software, and mobile apps. It also sorts the alternatives by various criteria, including the number of registered users who have clicked the “Like” button for each of them on AlternativeTo (the more people who have clicked the Like button, the more popular that alternative is).

Web Tool

You’re Getting Old is a wonderful website that allows you to enter the date of your birth and it will tell you how old you are. It informs of fun tidbits of information including things such as how many people were born on the same day as you, how long ago that was, how many more days until their birthday, what the average age is for people born in your month, and even an approximate death age.

Web Archive

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web founded by the Internet Archive. It is so named because, like the time machine in the science fiction novel ”The Time Machine”, it allows the user to travel “back in time” and see how websites looked in the past.

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