Top 10 rescued Dogs with abnormal conditions

Top 10 rescued Dogs with abnormal conditions
Credit : The Dodo
Top 10 rescued Dogs with abnormal conditions

Here, we are going to talk about some Top 10 rescued Dogs who deceived death. Everyone should get second chance in their lives just they need someone as a support and everything turns out to be normal for them.

The unwanted dog

He was a loner, petite, had no fur and had broken paw. One of the neighbors said that he was hitted by a car and broke his one of the paws and they also mentioned a thing which was difficult to understand that the dog was eating paper and paste on the walls to survive.

Rescuers brought him along and gave him the warmth from which he was unknown till now.  They treated him, tried to make him feel like home. He was hesitating a bit first but after feeling loved he got open up with others and he started to get better and better. Later a female dog was also rescued with condition just like him, they both got along really well. Some other dogs were also brought later and they all made it together and fooled the death.

Dog with slightly titled head

He was too small to actually understand what’s wrong with him. A couple rescued him. He walks in circle because of his head. The head tilt is infamous with hydrocephalus ( Extra fluid puts pressure on the brain and can cause brain damage and loss of coordination) . 

He was taken straight to the vet and they said don’t have to much hope. But the couple was determined and did their best. As per doctor advice they continued and starts with little habits like if the dog sleeps with head titled in right side then made him sleep with head to the left side.

Now he doing okay, living a healthy life with head in right position.

Dog with trouble in breathing

Rachele runs a pet shop, she rescued a dog with trouble in breathing someone dumped him. When Rachele met him she knew he is a survivor. Then Crystal and Max adopted Earl (the dog) and decided to help him live life to the fullest. Vet said that we don’t know how long is he going to live but they want Earl to experience fun things and have good memories like getting Costco samples, going to the boardwalk.

The dog is a big boy now and betrayed death.

Dog looked like an alien

Pippa had very thin layer of fur and she wasn’t looking like a dog but alien. After her one or two medicated bath her skin shaded some old stuff.

After her treatment she had grown a healthy layer of fur and ready to go home.

Later she was also adopted by a lady.  When she held Pippa for the first time she got so overwhelmed and never put her down since then.

Dog with trouble walking

Quarrie found with trouble in walking, rescuer came up with the idea to tape his back legs. Later they also made him swim also called swim therapy. Eventually Quarrie started to show some improvement. During all his will to survive he was adopted by a family.

Now he is walking by himself and King of survivals.

Extremely Malnourished Dog

Daliso was so tiny and way more thin puppy compared to others. Rescuers started to tube-fed him and the desire to fight for his life was clearly visible in his eyes. They used fed him and made him sleeps for 2 hours as a routine. Craige and Virginie (The recurs) were scared that what if he couldn’t make it.

In last Daliso’s will to survive and his hard efforts brought his life to normal track.  He is way more healthy now like never before, happy, spreading joy and very talkative.

The aggressive Chichuahua

He was aggressive and not ready to give up on his rude behaviour that led to serious problems for him like he was separated from his sister he was later adopted by a foster owner and named him Kai.

He gave Kai (The dog) all his time made him feel trusted, loved and also introduced him to the peck of dogs he had been taking care. First he didn’t like the change like he used hide himself in the cupboard, acted like grumpy one. cute right! As a result with time Kai gave up, wants to love him too and the peck. 

Those changes were really sweet like he wanted to be held in rescuer’s arm just like a parrot every time. Kai unknowingly made a deep place in foster’s heart and he no longer wants to be Called as foster parent for him and yes he adopted him as a legal owner after.

The heart broken Mom

Female dog was pregnant and the chances of her babies survival was nun and that exactly happened.  When the staff got to know that she went in a huge shock like finding her babies everywhere. At that time staff knew that they had to take any decision otherwise problem can be serious for the mother.

They posted on social media that they need puppies who has no mother obviously.. it was a difficult task but they got a strange response like someone ready to gave kittens.

They brought those kittens and introduced them to the dog mother. She welcomed all the kittens with fullest heart, it’s even difficult to get that mother dog was even getting that they are not her puppies, she nourished them and did all the things which she wanted to do with her own puppies.

Those kittens got their Mom as well.

All above stories are real and all the credit goes to The Dodo. Dodo is a story teller of animals and promote the thought of love and care for animals. You can also subscribe their YouTube channel.

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