Tin Swe Thant: The Mother of American Journalist Alex Wagner

Tin Swe Thant is a well-known person in the democratic and human rights activities. She is the mother of famous American journalist, author, and television reporter Alex Wagner. This article will discuss Alex Wagner’s mother life and career, as well as some interesting facts and Frequently Asked Questions about her and her daughter.

Who is Tin Swe Thant?

Meet Tin Swe Thant: The Mother of American Journalist Alex Wagner
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  • She grew up in a turbulent political environment, witnessing the 1962 coup that overthrew the democratic government of U Nu
  • She faced another crisis in 1974 when her father died and the Burmese people demanded that his body be returned to his homeland for burial
  • She had to negotiate with the military junta and the UN to arrange a state funeral for her father in Yangon
  • She later became a writer and a translator, publishing books about her father and his legacy

In 1978, Alex mother left Burma and moved to the US, where she received citizenship. After her marriage to lawyer and political analyst Carl Wagner, she gave birth to two children, Danny and Alex.

She has presented an important argument for democracy and human rights both in Burma and abroad. The U Thant Institute is a nonprofit that supports development, education, and peace.

She founded the organization and serves as its president. In addition, she serves on the board of the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit that provides aid to displaced and refugee populations.

What is the Career of Tin Swe Thant?

Alex Wagner’s mother is a known person who has worked in journalism, diplomacy, and philanthropy, and other fields. She began her professional career in Burma as a reporter for the Associated Press, covering the nation’s social and political issues.

Later, she was employed in New York as a journalist for the UN, where she covered international news and conducted interviews with world leaders. She also provided advice on issues related to peace and security as a special assistant to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs.

In addition, Alex Wagner’s mother has worked on a number of international and Burmese humanitarian and development projects. She supports the National League for Democracy’s (the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s leading opposition party in Burma) attempts to bring democracy and human rights back to the nation.

Through a number of initiatives and programs, she has also improved the health and education of Burmese citizens, particularly women and children.

She additionally took part in the relief and rehabilitation operations following the terrible 2008 attack Nargis, which claimed over 100,000 lives and left millions more without a place to live.

Alex Wagner’s mother has also been a kind donor and fundraiser for many causes and organizations, including the U Thant Lecture Series, a forum where notable speakers discuss global issues, the U Thant Award, an annual prize that honors individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions to peace and development, and the U Thant House, a museum and cultural center honoring her father’s legacy.

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What is the Education of Tin Swe Thant?

Alex Wagner’s mother completed her primary and senior schooling in Burma, where she also attended Rangoon University and the Methodist English High School.

She then continued her study in the US, graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a master’s in international relations and Barnard College, Columbia University, with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She is also a University of Bridgeport honors degree holder.

What is the Age of Tin Swe Thant?

Tin Swe Thant is 76 years old as of 2024. She was born on February 14, 1948.

What is the Net worth of Tin Swe?

Although Alex Wagner’s mother exact net worth is unknown, it is considered to be in the millions of dollars. Her father, one of the most famous and popular leaders of the 20th century, left her with a huge income.

In addition, she has made a good living from her work as a journalist, diplomat, and philanthropist. She has also made investments in a range of enterprises and real estate in Burma and the US.

How many children have Tin Swe?

Danny and Alex Wagner are Tin Swe Thant’s two children. Famous American journalist, author, and television personality Alex Wagner is now a contributor to The Atlantic as well as co-anchor of The Circus on Showtime.

She has also done positions at MTV, MSNBC, and CBS News. Sam Kass, a former White House chef and senior policy advisor for nutrition, is her husband. Their lone child is Cy Kass. Danny Wagner practices law and is a partner with Covington & Burling.

Sarah Wagner, an anthropology professor at George Washington University, is his spouse. Their two daughters, Zoe and Maya, are.

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Give some quick facts

  • As a Buddhist, Alex Wagner’s mother still values and respects many cultures and faiths.
  • Burmese Days author George Orwell wrote about Burma, and Alex Wagner’s mother is a passionate reader and lover of literature in general.
  • Gardening and bird watching are two hobbies Alex Wagner’s mother takes interest in. She also loves animals.
  • Supporting culture and the arts, Alex Wagner’s mother frequently goes to concerts, plays, and film exhibitions.
  • Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America are just a few of the places that explorer and traveler Alex Wagner’s mother has seen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Tin Swe Thant and Carl Wagner meet?

In 1979, while Alex Wagner’s mother and Carl Wagner were working for the United Nations, they crossed paths in New York. In 1981, after falling in love, they were married.

How did Alex Wagner become interested in journalism?

Alex Wagner was influenced by her mother’s journalism work and, from an early age, she became curious about and passionate about politics and current events. After completing her studies in literature and history at Brown University, she began working as an editor at the Fader magazine.

What is the relationship between Tin Swe Thant and Aung San Suu Kyi?

Being committed to promoting democracy and human rights in Burma, Alex Wagner’s mother and Aung San Suu Kyi are close friends and allies.

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