Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

In no mater of time both kings of guardian and throne kingdoms appearance there, proving that, that’s the truth, prediction became the reality. Both the kings sit on their knees.

Without taking any longer Neo killed Allis.

Everyone can feel some kind of positivity in the environment. Mega, Jihu and Mimi looked their behind just to see their Neo but in different appearance

Mega- No that’s not possible, it’s him.
Jihu- Neo is the one, the superior angel. (Shocked and happy at same time)
Mimi- What happened to him, why is he looking like this? (She said in confused tone)

Neo reached to them and both Mega and Jihu sat on their knees to show respect. Mimi was confused to watch all this but in the end she also bend down.

Neo- What are you all doing.
Mega- Showing respect, superior.
Neo- I am just neo for you all, now get up, will you?
They all get up, and hug each other feeling proud.
Jihu- I can’t believe this, you are the superior whom everyone talks about.
Neo- I also but for me i am just neo, who know how to love. (Said by looking towards mimi)
Mimi- I am happy for you neo, sorry… Superior.
They all laughed on her words.

Everyone was praising neo for saving them but he wasn’t satisfied, he was feeling empty
Neo – Mom, Dad I wish, you were there to see this moment with me.
Male voice- We are!!
Neo- Mom, Dad….
He ran toward them and hug them stated crying to get them back.
Former king- How are you my son?
Neo- Better than anymore, dad.
Former king- I am proud of you superior.
Mother- I missed you son.. Just don’t go anywhere now and never leave me. Your mom can’t survive anymore without you.
Neo- No! Mom… never.

After some days on crowning ceremony –

Former king- I, former king of dominion declares, my son as new king of dominion kingdom.

Every person of kingdom cheered for him. They were happy to
take neo as their new king.

They all were enjoying this moment, until Neo’s eyes fall over Mimi’s fading figure and she left the place

Neo followed her back, and they reached inside Mimi’s room. Neo grabbed her hand and turned toward him. She landed over his hard muscular chest. He grabbed her waist tightly. Neo cupped her chin and made her look up.
Neo- Where do you think you are going? (In deep voice)
Mimi- Going back to earth. Where I belong to!
Neo- And who said you can go, as far as I know you have no wings(he said sarcastically). As i am the new king, can’t leave this kingdom. And also you are my responsibility, so you have to stay here with me from now on.
Mimi- I can’t.
Neo- What but why?

He was so confused and asked desperately

Mimi- Because, i don’t belong here
Neo- Are you kidding me how said you don’t belong to here.
Mimi- Because, this kingdom is for angels not for human like me
Neo- Shut your mouth. I am older Than you and you should listen to me.
Mimi- How much older?
Neo- About thousands years
They both laughed on his statement.
Neo- Stay here with me, can’t you? (With serious tone)
Neo- I want to tell you something. I….. I love you Mimi.
Mimi- I know!
Neo- No you don’t know let me finish. I.. I love you as a woman. Will you love me back as a man?
Mimi was shocked to hear this. After thinking so long she said.
Mimi- Though we have a long age gap. But no one can ever love me like you do. So…. Okay.
Neo- what really.. you accepted me… Thank you so much?
Mimi- Yes I do… I love you my man.
Neo- So will you be my queen?

She was taken back first and said
Mimi- Wow queen…. O my God why not.
They hugged each other, like never tomorrow.

Now the angel who’s wings used to be in gloom, covering the most precious thing of his life …..his Mimi

No one should be judged before their doings and everyone deserves second chance in their lives.

The end……

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