Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

Present time–

With heavy heart he told her everything.
Neo- I am very bad Mimi, no one wants me. I am a sinner.

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Story Wings in gloom

Mimi has tears in her eyes and loss of words, she left from there. She needs some time alone.
Just then mega and Jihu entered
Jihu- Neo let’s go back, father will forgive you.
Neo- No he won’t. And also i have burnt my wings, so that’s not possible now.
Mega and Jihu both were shocked to hear this.
Jihu- How could you? Do you know what have you done?
Mega- Relax Jihu, his wings will grow again.
Jihu- I know but it will take time which we don’t have, that Allis is about to capture all three worlds with help of demons. Only neo can stop him.
Neo- That’s not possible, I am the one who will be the cause of every dominion’s death, you forgot that

Neo was not ready to go back at any cost but Jihu was also his brother and said in more convincing tone-
Jihu- No I didn’t .But now situations got changed, God himself sent someone in palace that you are not gonna be a cause of anyone’s death anymore but a life saver for everyone.
Yes God said a girl will change you.  She will be your strength and that’s the reason why Allis sent those demons to kill her, to make you week so that you never come back. And yes she changed you neo, completely.
Mimi- Yes you are.
Everyone looked toward her.
Mimi- You are indeed a best person in all these years for me. Let’s go back and fight for your crown. Everyone deserves a second chance and you too.

Dominions kingdom-

Allis- Now some more time and I will gonna be king of all there worlds.
He was surrounded by demons and his men.
Man- In your dreams.
Allis turned around to see none other than Neo.
Allis – look whom we got here…. a curse. (he laughed like a maniac). Welcome brother.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Neo- Where are my parents Allis.
Allis- they are somewhere, where they deserve to be. Your father tried to disobey me and i showed him the hell.
Neo- Allis, you bastard. (He said with red eyes)
Allis- Don’t forget you were the one who tried to kill him first.
(His words were making neo weak, hurt)

Mimi entered in the scene-
Mimi- No that’s not true, neo look at me, don’t hear him. You did this because everyone looked at you with anger since your birth because of your curse. They judged you as a  bad person from start. Didn’t get chance to be you. You want to know who you are?  You are the person who raised me with care, you are the person who taught me difference between right and wrong, you are the person who became a guardian from a sinner just for me.

(All her words made neo realized that he isn’t a bad person anymore)
Neo- c’mon Allis fight like a man.
Mega and Jihu- Yes let’s fight.
Allis- Fine if that’s what you all want, then i give to you.

They all were fighting with all their super powers. Between all this a demon moved towards Mimi in order to kill her and he was about to attack her when wolf came in front of Mimi to save her. ( It was the same wolf who before himself wants to kill her but now he is saving her because of his master… Neo).

Trending 2023 Anime Fiction Story
Story Wings in gloom

Somewhere in clouds
Allis and neo were fighting with each other.
Neo- Today I will finish everything.
Allis- No one will accept a sinner like you.
Neo- And i don’t need any one’s trust. You know what why because i have my people who trust me with blind eyes and that’s enough for me to live in any world.
Allis- So you are being pathetic now… Neo… aren’t we. You always were so stubborn.
After fighting a lot they both became exhausted. Neo was at the corner of loosing this fight.
Allis- See neo you can’t even fight alone. Accept I’m more powerful  than you and also accept that your wings will never come out of gloom.
Neo- I won’t and I will never. (With so much pain in his body, both physical and mental)
Neo closed his eyes and he remembered his father’s words. His father once said- neo always remember if you fight for truth and for your people, you will always win, no matter what.
Neo opened his eyes and stands up, his body became more muscular, he was changing. Allis was looking him with wide open eyes and said what’ going on.
Neo’s long back hairs turned into beautiful silver color, indicating some fortunate things to happen.

Allis was sweating heavily and asked in shuttering voice-
Allis- What are you.

Neo- This is me. I don’t need any crown to rule in this kingdom Allis. I have former king’s blood in my veins that makes me a true ruler and yes my love ones took my wings out of gloom.
Allis- No that’s no possible you can’t be him.
(There was another predication which was very famous that one day an angel will born who will be the savior of millions, who will be stronger than any one, who will be the superior)
All these things, Indicated that Neo is the one…. The superior angel of all three worlds.

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