Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

Ages ago...

In dominions kingdom—-

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Story Wings in gloom

Maids are running here and there in dark huge palace. Fast wind is blowing along with heavy rain and thunder, reflecting an ominous night. Everyone’s expression is showing tension and severity of situation and why not queen of dominions kingdom is going to give birth to a baby. Delivery can happen any time and king walking outside the room with cold feet, between all this.. a messenger of God showed up, his face was looking tensed. He gave a piece of papyrus, king reads the message which turned him completely in dizziness and weak at the same time.

The message was telling about the fate of baby.. that the queen will give birth to a baby boy, who will be the cause of every dominions death, that he will be a sinister who only knows wrath.

Just then a maid came and informed that queen gave birth to a baby boy or next holder of crown.
Every father feels luckiest when he hears their child’s first cry but here a helpless father feels nothing besides the fate of his kingdom which is gonna be destroyed by his own son’s hands.
He went inside the room with slow steps and looks for his queen who was smiling in tears, she felt presence of her husband and says… King look we received the most beautiful granted wish from God, our son. King went near to him and looks him with teary eyes, that baby was so small with the cutest face ever which confused the father that how can this beautiful child be a sinister.. no this can’t be, it was so painful for him. Later his wife soft hand on his shoulder brings him back to the reality, she asked what happened love what is this anxiety on your face and he told everything to his wife with heavy heart. Queen was shocked after hearing each and every word, suddenly darkness consumed her and she faints.

Next day early in morning

Queen hears caries of his baby, she took fast steps towards him without caring about herself. She took him in her embrace and showered him with love and kisses just then king appeared at the moment and witnessed the most beautiful view where he can see his complete family, just then queen made a promise that she will give and teach him meaning of love, that she won’t let him go on wrong path ever.

Time passes like seasons

The baby is growing day by day, he was named as Neo. As a kid he was different from other where kids think about their toys, friends, he thinks about powers, position which isn’t a good sign for anyone.
After years baby turns into a handsome man, has tall height, perfect jaw line, nose, deep brown eyes and four on his lover eyelid then over right cheek, nose and lover lip.., his long curly hairs always come on his forehead… absolutely perfect. He has long beautiful thin fingers, broad shoulders, perfect waist… Gosh he looks like Greek God and of course with long black wings which appear only when needed.

Every member of royal family gathered around dining table for dinner, waiting for Neo or would be king

Long waiting turns king into anger, he asked about him to commander and only receives silence just then one of his younger brother’s son said he must be doing some sins. King looked him with straight face which made him to lower his head. Although doing sins everyday is something normal for Neo. He uses to kill people mercilessly, give them the most painful death. Single angel of kingdom fears to look into his eyes. He carries the most dangerous personality. Interrupting everyone’s thoughts one of their guards came and informed that prince neo killed a boy, made everyone shocked but later information made king and queen to rethink about their upbringing and the news was that Neo killed son of the commander who was standing their completely num.

Later the incident both queen and king approach Neo in his room where he was in complete drunk state-

Busting the door they entered inside. King asked angrily why did he kill that boy, he added… prince Neo do you know the boy you killed was the only son of our most trustful and loyal commander, what did he do to you? Prince Neo faced him and said he dared to look into my eyes, talked to me back and questioned on my judgments and this enough for me to kill anyone. He said all these things with red burning eyes.
Days pass and everyone waiting for the crowning day. The day when king gave everything to his prince, the crown, kingdom and all the responsibilities but inside everyone shivering just by the thought of Neo as their king, who doesn’t think twice before killing anyone, that’s the brutality of it. But away from all this, king was in deep thinking and of course he is aware about the thoughts of his kingdom’s people or innocent angels and he decided something which he should have done before.

The crowning day——-

Neo was happy and why not after all he is going to be king today but he was unaware about what is he going to be witnessed today.
Whole kingdom started to gather for the ceremony. After so many rituals and formalities the moment came where king has to announce the next ruler and he did, he announced the name but it wasn’t Neo.. while he took name of his younger brother’s son Allis. Silence spread everywhere because no one expecting this but somewhere they all are relieved. One person who is burning in anger was Neo while Allis was looking at him while smirking. Neo left the ceremony before anyone or anything to happen. Ceremony went well and Allis now the new king.

Later night

Neo was drinking nonstop just then he felt the presence of demon. Demon said, looks like prince wants to take back his position and I can help (The demon has his own self-interest and using neo to kill former king would be easy task for him). Neo turned around and met with green eyed creature and said How? He reveled the plane of killing the current as well as former king.. his father. Neo who was completely devastated, got agree to do this sin.

Later night, king got to know the strategy of killing him and Allis somehow

He gather everyone and Neo also and he gave punishment to Neo. He said, I former king of dominions, devoid prince Neo from royal family descendants and he has to go earth for atonement of his sins for forever and his all powers will be taken.
Mother was taken back after hearing his punishment and looking his son with broken heart and all she could thing about her promise to him that she would teach him love, respect but now she can only see his bad deeds and she lost everything… her son.

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