Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

They reached home and neo shouted over Mimi
Neo- Stay away from him, do you understand what I am saying!
Mimi- But why? he is my friend. (with teary eyes)
Neo- Mimi don’t test my patience or consequences would be worst. Mimi- No, tell me why?
Neo left Mimi in anger and went somewhere.

Story Wings in gloom

He reached at an empty place and shouted, come out you demon-
Kara came out of nowhere and said.
Kara- How are you.. out casted angel.( He said sarcastically)
Neo- Who sent you here? (With patience)
Kara- No one, I like Mimi since I saw her and I am here for her.
Neo couldn’t take any more and grabbed his neck and started to choke him. As a dominion, neo was much stronger than him.
Neo- Try to touch her and I will cut you into pieces. (He said with warning tone). I’m asking you last time who sent you here?
Kara- I will tell you please stop. (He was begging him).
Kara- Allis sent me here to kill Mimi.
Neo was shocked to hear this name after ages.
Neo- Why (He shouted in anger)
Before he can get answer Kara disappeared, leaving him in confusion.
Here Mimi slept after crying so long. She felt something which made her to open her half sleepy eyes and she saw some shadows moving above her and whispering something. Mimi lost her voice to shout anymore, she was struggling but her voice didn’t come. But eventually neo entered the room and made eye contact with shadows, made all the shadows to get disappeared and took Mimi in his embrace so tightly like his life depends on her. He realized that he loves her so dam much. He broke the huge and noticed her teary eyes.
Neo- Are you okay?
Mimi- little bit!  What was that?
Neo – Nothing you just relax okay and sleep.
Mimi- Now I can’t sleep alone. I’m scared.
Neo- Don’t worry, l will sleep with you.
He took Mimi in his embrace and lie down, he started to tap her back to calm her down.

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Mimi felt his heart beats, telling her that he loves her so much. They shared a sweet, carrying night.

Next morning Mega and neo were discussing something
Mega- What’s going on? Why they want to kill Mimi?
Neo- I don’t know mega. This time i won’t let them win.
At that moment a person appeared there, looking more like angel
Neo- Jihu what are you doing here.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Jihu- Long time no see…. Brother … I missed you so much.
They hugged each other.
Neo- What a surprise, seeing you after ages, how is everyone in dominion? How is mom (In broken voice)
Jihu-  Nothing is good. Allis is torturing everyone. Including your parents too neo.
Neo- What, why is he sending demons and other’s here to kill Mimi?
Jihu- To make you week neo and that’s why I came here to tell you everything. You have to come back to dominion neo, we need you.
Neo- No i can’t and I will never.
Jihu tried to convince him but he is not listening to anyone.
They didn’t know that someone was watching them from far away and it was none other than Mimi.

Mimi later went to neo and said
Mimi- Neo, why are you not going back?
Neo- Because I don’t want to go!
Mimi- Why? Your people need you and should go to them.
Neo- they never need me Mimi. They think me as their enemy and I am not a good person Mimi, I am very bad, I have gloom past.
Mimi- why you always says that you are a bad person.. Why, what are you hiding from me?
Neo- you want to know right.. alright I will tell you everything today.

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