Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

In all dark Mimi was hella scared and also lost of thoughts. She was right in front of the wolf (A huge wolf with scary eyes). Wolf was looking Mimi like he wants her all for him.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

When the wolf about to attack Mimi, Neo entered inside the house and what next happened, completely amazed Mimi like hell, Neo covered her under his long black wings which she never knew exists.

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Story Wings in gloom

Neo was looking straight inside wolf eyes with much intimated gaze like he was speaking through his deep beautiful eyes. Wolf got the message and bent down over his knees to show respect.
Mimi was stunned after watching all this and she asked neo.
Mimi- What are you?

Neo had no option left except telling her everything. After two days of that incident happened both Neo and Mimi were standing at their balcony and Neo was nervous, finding right words and said-

Neo- Mimi I… I have something to tell you. I don’t know how to put them into words but what I’m gonna tell you now is dangerous.
Mimi- I am ready.
Neo- I am a Dominion, Mimi..
Mimi- Dominion what?
Neo- A black angel….
Mimi was standing like statue after hearing this and said after getting some courage.
Mimi- Okay… It’s so fascinating, tell me more about you.

She moved closer to neo and cupped his face.
Mimi- You are beautiful.
Neo- I am dangerous Mimi. (With his most serious yet scary tone)
Mimi- I don’t think so, you care for me I know that. Then how can you be dangerous for me.
Neo got num after listening to Mimi. For the first time in his life someone was praising him.
They both lost into their eyes and no one was ready to break eye contacts.
They were interrupted by a sweet voice of Mega.
Mimi- So Mr. Mega, don’t tell me you are also a Dominion.
Mega -Fortunately not. I’m a guardian angel (he showed her, his white wings). God send me here to protect you Mimi from bad things. After coming earth I was confused that for whom i was sent to protect but after watching your little cute face I understood God’s message that I’m here for you.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Mimi was lost of words. All she could say…  was Thank you.

Days passed and both Mimi and neo were avoiding each other

The reason they both don’t know. Mimi was coming back from college and a male voice (Around her age) called her.
Boy-Hey miss, can i talk to you for a second?

Trending 2023 Anime Fiction Story
Story Wings in gloom

Mimi- Yes what is it?
Boy- I moved here few days a ago and wanted to make friends as you know this place is quite empty in middle of forest so… I only got successful to be friends of animals and birds. (He said sarcastically)
Mimi laughed to hear his statement and said.
Mimi- Well I can understand your struggle, I’m living here since my birth. So in that case we can be friends.
They both shared a warm hand shake.
Mimi- I am Mimi and your name?
Boy- My name is Kara, nice to meet you.
Mimi- Kara, interesting name, so Kara, I am going to my place, would you like to join? l will introduce to my family.
Kara- I would like to but some other day, I am Kind of busy now.
Mimi- Ooo okay no problem see you soon then, bye.
Then she left.
Kara- See you soon…. darling. (In low voice with hidden meaning)

Days pass and both Mimi and Kara got along very well
Kara- Mimi your are my best friend.
Mimi- really so sweet, you are too my best buddy.
They were talking about random things that they didn’t notice that someone was watching them from far with range. It was neo, he thought that the boy is trying to get close to Mimi.. and as a short temper man he ran towards them and grapes the boy’s hand and tried to twist it. Mimi was shouting to leave him but neo didn’t. Just then neo notices something which alerts him, that Kara’s pulse of wrist moving so fast, indicating he isn’t human but a demon.
Mimi- Neo, leave him please, he is my friend, what are you doing?
Neo didn’t say anything and grabbed Mimi’s hand and left the place.

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