Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

He came back home, one of his friend visited him and they were passing there time with some serious talks and drinking but his mind was somewhere else, on keys with whom baby was playing excitedly like her favorite toy sometimes ago. Is he missing her or worried? These random thoughts were coming into his mind and he couldn’t hold himself anymore and ran to orphanage. His friend got confused and also ran behind him. As they reached there, his friend asked?
Neo what are we doing here?  He said? Just help to find her mega.
Mega- Her? whom are we talking about.?
Neo- the baby, i found yesterday night and he told him everything.
And just then Neo heard a familiar cry and went in same direction just to see the baby was crying and no one was there to calm her down, she was crying nonstop may be because of hunger and lack of warmth. Neo’s heart was itching to see her condition and anger built up inside him and he rushed to the authority and started to curse them. At last they came out of the orphanage and yes with the baby.
Mega- So now what will we do?
Neo- I don’t know.

After 3 years

Neo was cutting woods; this is what he does for living and some more small works. Then the owner approached him, here is your money and from now own I’m increasing your salary. Neo accepted it happily and in middle of his way one thing popped in his mind that he is getting enough money so now he can send Mimi to school. Yes he named the baby as Mimi.
He started raising her with passion because he doesn’t have love to give her.

First day of school- (At classroom door)

Neo- Go inside Mimi.(3 years old little Mimi was scared to see new people and environment)
Mimi- Neo i don’t want to go (Mimi said in her tiny voice)

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Neo- Mimi don’t argue just go inside already.. you will make friends okay.
(As a cold person neo always hurt Mimi with his rude tone but inside …he really cares for her)
Mimi went inside and also took first step to full fill her dreams.

Story Wings in gloom

Years passed, after 16 years

Mimi is studying now in college and walking with one of her friends towards her house, in middle her friend asked?
Friend – hey Mimi, have you ever thought about Neo.
Mimi- what about him?
Friend – He is way more older than us but he looks the same.. like he never aged.
Mimi stopped in her track and processing her words. Her friend was right. She reached home and met the most important and respected person of her life.. Neo.
Neo- You came back, c’mon get fresh and eat your dinner.
At dinner table
Mimi- Can I ask you something? (in shuttering voice)
Neo- Hmmm (In not so very interested tone)
Mimi- I was thinking lately that people of your age looks more older  than you now but you look the same… like in your 20s… how?
Neo looked her with Sharp gage like she got to know his biggest hidden secret.
Neo- Finish your dinner and go to bed.
Mimi- But I want to talk about this.
Neo- And I said go to your bed. (He shouted in demanding yet scary tone)
In middle of their argument Mini noticed something which ran shivered through her whole body. His eye’s color got changed from dark brown to dark red.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Without saying anything back, Mimi ran from their inside her room. She can’t believe what she saw amazed her. She was confused and scared at the same time. Yes she was scared for the first time from the man who took care of her by giving his whole life.. like an elder brother or guardian, who sacrificed his needs just for her every time.

Story Wings in gloom

Somewhere away from house at the same night

Neo was drinking and talking with his only friend Mega.
Neo- She saw everything mega.
Mega- What?
Neo- She saw me changing my eyes color and also noticed that I’m not aging.
Mega was shocked to hear this.
Mega- Now what will you do? I think you should tell her about yourself … I am sure she will understand.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Neo- She is too immature to understand this mega… no i can’t tell her now.
In just.. a bunch of people ran towards them and said Neo a wolf attacked your house. Neo got alert immediately ran towards his house without thinking about anything, all he could think about.. was his precious thing… his Mimi.

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