Story Wings in gloom: 2023 Anime Story

Description: New Fiction Story 2022. Wings in Gloom is a story of an angel with a complicated past and how they overcome obstacles to have a normal life.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Angel, this word brings many thoughts to our minds. We watch, hear a lot of stories about them, but do we really know about them? For this, we only get mixed answers. But if anywhere supernatural phenomenon happens, brought us back to rethink that such things really exist.
Every religion speaks about this matter that, angels, god, demons were exist before humans and will exist after us as well. They made and protect us. This story wings in gloom may take you to the conclusion of this unsolved mystery.


Three magical identities fighting with each other to show their powers and territories. This war continues for thousand years. No one is ready to leave, nothing left to see. Everything got destroyed only sounds of fire, thunder, violent wind tornado can be heard. Later they came in recognition of God. God appears in front of them and said why and what are you fighting for?  All three identities with long and well build bodies stopped… They said they are fighting to show who will rule the world just then God speaks that they are fighting for a myth. Single soul can’t run this whole world or universe but in order to this they have to come together, need each other powers. All three souls understood the severity of situation.
God allotted them with three different kingdoms….  kingdom of angles called the THRONE, DOMINIONS and GUARDIAN ANGELS.


A happy and joyful kingdom with no worries only satisfaction. Satisfaction of that they are closest to God and completely devoted in love. They are pure hearted beautiful souls with white wings… they are chief angles and direct servant of god, according to Christian they are under Jesus Christ. They represent humility, submission and peace among men.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom


This kingdom represents the dark because they are the angles, who deal with demons or any negative powers. Dominions have great authority and power over the people, although they do not come into contact with people living on Earth. If there is a conflict or an emergency that needs help immediately, these are the angels that help. It is believed that they have four faces: an ox, a lion, an eagle, and a human. They also have four dark black wings. 

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom


Guardian angels are the ones that we are most familiar with on this Earth. They are the ones that we feel the closest to. These are the ones that are the furthest away from God. 
These Guardian angels work as God’s messengers. He sends these to help protect us and comfort us when we need him most. 

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

All these three kingdoms works individually and don’t like each other’s interference, if they do then this can lead to a big war.
These three kingdoms were working peacefully until one day which changed the fate of all three kingdoms. You will get to know later.

After ages on earth-

It is a stormy night, a boy in his 20s with well build body is wondering around, lost in his own world, just then he heard someone’s cry. He went in that direction and moved closer just to see a small baby crying badly, the baby was hardly 1or 2 months old.

Story Wings in gloom
Story Wings in gloom

Boy was taken back and thought whose baby is this and started to look here and there just to make sure if anyone there for baby but no one was there. He thought it’s none of his business and started to go back with careless face but painful cries of baby hold him back, eventually he came back and took baby in his embrace, baby suddenly stopped crying, feeling the warmth. Boy said, what should I do with you? Should I take you with me or leave you here. Finally after thinking so long he decided to take baby with him.
They entered into the house just to meet silence, indicating that he lives alone, only slow voices of wild animals can be heard. House situated in middle of the forest, out of reach of any normal person. He put baby on the mattress and started to do his work, little did he know that it was a baby girl. Later baby again started crying, indicating she was hungry. He asked, why are you crying now, what’s the matter with you he understood at last and somehow arranged a bottle of milk and also a light bunch of keys so that she can play with.


They slept peacefully later. In morning he decided to take baby to any orphanage house. He was angry that where he got stuck with this little creature. They were walking towards the orphanage, in the middle of the way, him with poker face like always thinking about something, then he felt something on his fingers, baby was playing with his long fingers and smiling in a cute way and he just got mesmerized into her eyes and without his knowing he was smiling for the first time. Finally they reached and he shrugged of all the thought and said, what was that?
He entered inside and a female voice stopped him. She said, yes sir how can i help you? He told her everything and she said okay sir we understand please complete some formalities and we will admit the baby. He did all what she said and now it’s the time of him to go, he gave baby to the leady and started to go but baby held his fingers not wanting to let him go and started to cry. As a stone hearted man he never felt anything or any emotion towards anyone and he left the place without even looking back.

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