All of us are dead where filmed this amazing netflix tv show

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All of us are dead where filmed this amazing netflix tv show
Credit: Netflix | All of us are dead where filmed this amazing Netflix tv show

All of us are dead: where filmed? This amazing Netflix Korean thriller drama TV show

These days when people are finding inspiration they like to work under real circumstances and locations. We recently witnessed some examples and ‘All of us are dead’ is among them so the locations do exist in real life.

All of us are dead locations would have been imprinted inside your head, I bet they are. Let’s quickly find out where that place is and you can also enjoy quiz given in the end.

All of us are dead season 1 TV Show review & summary, characters, trivia quiz

Before anything we should go through the story line I mean why not. I just can’t forget the intriguing parts of it.

Story starts with some high school students who were busy in bullying a boy, who was addicted to commit suicide because of his weak personality and he accused two boys among them but something unusual happened there the boy tried to bite them out of blue and in order to save themselves they pushed him from the building Which wasn’t that tall.

Next scenes were shifted to the hospital where that boy were admitted and we see a man who was his father named Lee- byeong, he was radiating some suspicious vibes.

Lee- byeong is a professor in the same school as his son and he was carrying out some experiments which brought some negative results. Later we see a girl entered in Lee- byeong’s lab where she was bitten by a infected mouse and her body shifted into zombie and that’s how the cascade of becoming zombie is started.

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Where is ‘All of us are dead’ Filmed? All about this famous k-drama Show location

Alright so the scenes were captured Inside the school located in Andong, South Korea. You can also see the tennis court, auditorium in school and the bridge as well where we saw the president girl for the first time. They really used the whole location in excellent way.

Actors went under an extreme training to shoot all the scenes near the windows. Shooting took nearly 2 years and then finally aired on Netflix. However shooting was delayed due to Covid but resumed as soon as possible.

All of us are dead, Netflix TV Show here you can find the season 1 of this Show

  • Katmoviehd, Available in (Dual-Audio) English, Hindi
  • Vegamovies, Available in (Dual-Audio) English, Hindi
  • Soap2day, Only English
  • Yomovies, Available in (Dual-Audio) English, Hindi

Media Credit: Netflix

  • Question of

    Guess the student who met heart- breaking end?

    All of us are dead where filmed this amazing netflix tv show
    • Jeon Ho-chul
    • Han Gyeong-su
    • Son Myung-hwan
    • Jang Woo-jin
  • Question of

    Guess the boy, who couldn’t make it till the end?

    • Lee Cheong-san
    • Lee Su-hyeok
    • Lee Jin-su
    • Yoon Gwi-nam
  • Question of

    Guess this selfish girl?

    • Lee Na-yeon
    • Kim Min-ji
    • Jang Ha-ri
    • Park Mi-jin
  • Question of

    Name this girl who lost his father, best friend and possible boyfriend?

    • Park Hee-su
    • Kim Hyeon-ju
    • Park Mi-jin
    • Nam On-jo
  • Question of

    Who is this girl, who was also the class president?

    All of us are dead where filmed this amazing netflix tv show
    • Park Mi-jin
    • Nam On-jo
    • Choi Nam-ra
    • Seo Hyo-ryung
  • Question of

    What is the temperature of Nam – ra when checked by the soldiers, considering her hypothermic?

    • 34.6
    • 35.7
    • 34.5
    • 36.5
  • Question of

    What is the name of the virus that causes people to be zombies?

    • Jonas virus
    • Jonah virus
    • Joseph virus
    • John virus
  • Question of

    What does not become a hambie?

    • Na-yeon
    • Gwi-nam
    • Nam-ra
    • Eun-Ji
  • Question of

    What is the job of On – Jo’s father?

    • Police officer
    • Soldier
    • Firefighter
    • Chicken store owner
  • Question of

    What is the name of the high school where the virus started?

    • Hyosan High School
    • Hyongsan High School
    • Hinsan High School
    • Gwangju High School

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