Best Most Popular Netflix Shows Ever

Best Most Popular Netflix Shows Ever
Best Most Popular Netflix Shows Ever | Credit: Cobra Kai, Money Heist, Squid Game

Best Most Popular Netflix Shows Ever – Here, we selected the most watched series of Netflix. If you are interested in reading the overviews we have given below then, go a head. Don’t forget to take our Poll.

Best Most Popular Netflix Show | Cobra kai

After 34 years of All Valley Karate Tournament (1984). We see Johnny Lawrence, who is struggling in day-to-day life and unemployed. Johnny Lawrence isn’t the guy like before. He is more grumpy now and distanced himself from Karate. While, Daniel LaRusso runs a famous car dealer company.

Maguel “weak personality teenager boy,”

One night Johnny went to the pizza shop where he mat Maguel, his neighbor. Johnny saved him from a sick group and since then, Maguel is following him to learn Karate. However, he was refusing to do so.

Johnny mat Daniel ” the old rivalry”

Johnny once again ran into Daniel LaRusso because of a car accident. Daniel’s staff made him embarrassed, just because he lost that tournament against Daniel 34 years ago. This scene motivated him to reopen cobra kai and Maguel becomes his first student.

What happened next? Cobra Kai consists of 4 seasons.

Squid Game

Netflix series, which attracted everyone’s attention in a very short period. Hundreds of contestants play childhood Korean Games.

Seong Gi-hun, who was used to work for an industry but all the employees are fired and he is currently unemployed. Unfortunately, his ex- wife taking his daughter away from him to some other country. To take her daughter’s custody, he has to be financially stable.

Little game with a stranger

One night, he got involved in a game with an unknown person who promised him to give money on his every win. Overall, that unknown guy made him tempted for money, and handed over to him a card, he said, ” if you want to earn money then came on this address.

Beginning of the game, and he wasn’t alone

Hundreds of impoverished people along Seong were kept in a room. They were informed, ” All the contestants have to play 6 different games for 6 days! But little they know the games were real and deadly.

What next happened to them all?

By the way, season 2 is in its way

Money Heist

A professor, who is planning to do the biggest heist, recorded in the history. He selected a group of people with different abilities. What is he planning? You know what!

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    Best Most Popular Netflix Shows Ever
    • Money Heist
    • Squid Game
    • Cobra Kai

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