Shari Jordan Bio A Remarkable Life Story who is Jeffrey Dahmer

Shari Jordan, aka Shari Dahmer, the second wife of Lionel Dahmer, came into the limelight when she was recognized as the worst serial killer’s stepmother. People were curious to know about her life and her journey with Jeffrey Dahmer. She spared some tidbits of her life and her choice to stay with the Dahmer family, even after Jeffrey Dahmer exposed himself as a killer to the public.

Shari Jordan’s Early Life

Shari Jordan Bio: A Remarkable Life Story with Jeffrey Dahmer
Who is Shari Jordan? Image Credit: Dahmer Family

Let’s have a quick ride through her life, from her childhood to her death.

NameShari Jordan
Date of BirthMay 8, 1953
BornColumbus, Ohio, United States of America
Death2012 Age of 58
ParentsHoward M. and Jean Miller.
ChildrenDavid and Jeffrey Dahmer

Family Background and Childhood

On May 8, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio, Shari Jordan was born in the United States. Her parents were Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller Jordan.

Shari Jordan family

She married Lionel Dahmer in 1978 and became his second wife. Lionel Dahmer had a son with her first wife named Jaffrey Dahmer. So, technically, she became the stepmother of Jeffrey.

Although the world has little knowledge about her early life, she was indeed an independent woman, as she mentioned on one of the TV shows that she chose to keep the name Dahmer in her business world, despite knowing all the miseries she could fall into, thanks to her stepson Jeffrey Dahmer. Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer also shared a son named David Dahmer.

The Dahmer Years: Life with a Serial Killer

She never thought about what she was going to witness after her marriage. She was part of some horrible incidents because of her stepson.

Insights into Jeffrey Dahmer’s and Shari Jordan Dark Side

Who is Jeffery Dahmer the life story
Image Credit: Dahmer Family

Jeffrey Dahmer used to live alone, as Shari Jordan described how he badly needed motherly love after his biological mother left him, and that’s when the first murder happened. She once found him unconscious, and it took her no time to find out that he was drunk. The young Dahmer was eventually arrested for murdering 17 people and for cannibalism.

She further added that Lionel and I used to visit Jeffrey’s home frequently to know about his whereabouts and health, like a normal family. When Jeffrey was sent to prison, we supported him after having knowledge about his mental illness.

Later, at the age of 34, Jeffrey was murdered by his fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, in 1994.

The Impact on Shari Jordan Daily Life

Shari Jordan first met Jeffrey Dahmer at his biological mother’s house. She further added that after his parents’ divorce, Jeffer was extremely devastated yet kept himself composed, which led to his notorious behavior and actions. Jeffrey Dahmer’s case was depicted in a series, and people around Dahmer’s family in real life were also included, like neighbors.

However, they didn’t seem much happier, as they claimed that their personal lives were shown without their consent. Furthermore, Shari used to be a part of the business universe; she might have faced extreme criticism and been left out as she was part of Dahmer’s family and refused to separate their surnames, unlike her son David.

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After Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ended, what happened to all the people who were part of Dahmer’s story?

After Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ended
Image Credit: Netflix

Monster became one of the most successful series on Netflix, and the series, of course, lightened up the lives of people around Jeffrey Dahmer, but they dismissed the thought of involving what happened to them after the series.

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Sheri Jordan and Lionel Dahmer

The parents’ side depicted in the series was appreciable just to add to how and where they are now. Well, they used to make their appearance on a variety of shows in order to make people aware of the mental illness Jeffrey Dahmer went through and how to prevent similar notorious acts in the future.

Sheri took her last breath in front of her grandchildren.

Joyce Flint and David

Following the birth of David, Joyce, Jeffrey’s biological mother, experienced postpartum depression. She moved to California after her divorce. After getting news of her son’s death, she actually fought with her ex-husband Lionel in court to conduct a study on Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain.

Apart from her multiple suicide attempts after her son’s death, her coworkers considered her energetic and kind as she dedicated her life to working at an HIV community center.

Devid parted ways with his family after the disclosure of Jeffrey Dahmer’s crime and chose to eliminate the Dahmer surname too.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Grandmother

Catherine Dahmer plays a big role in Jeffrey Dahmer’s series of murders. Jeffrey was sent to his grandma’s house after being released from the army, hoping that he would be in good hands and learn positive things. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, as the first three murders were committed in her house.

Tracy Edward

Tracy Edward was the one who successfully escaped from Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment after going through extreme terror, which we called the victim. The real Tracy Edward described how he managed to escape and testify in court against Jeffrey; Tracy was the one who brought the police to Jeffrey’s appointment, where the police got all the previous crime indications, which was enough to prove Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrible murders and cannibalism.

However, Tracy himself got arrested later for drugs, failure to pay child support, and property damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shari Jordan and Jeffery Dahmer

Who is Shari Jordan and what is her connection to Jeffrey Dahmer?

Shari Jordan was the stepmother of Jeffrey Dahmer as she married Jeffrey Dahmer’s father Lionel Dahmer in 1978.

What were the challenges Shari Jordan faced while living with Jeffrey Dahmer?

Shari used to be a part of the business universe; she might have faced extreme criticism and left out as she was the part of Dahmer’s family and refused to separate their surname unlike her son David.

What was Shari Jordan’s family background like?

She came from a middle class family, situated at Columbus, Ohio, in the United States of America. Shari Jordan was born on May 8, 1953. Her parents were Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller Jordan.

What lessons can be learned from Shari Jordan’s remarkable life story?

Shari Jordan life wasn’t less than a roller-coaster. She was in deep sorrow that she wouldn’t be able to detect Jeffrey’ mental illness, at his early stages. Later, she started to make appearances on TV shows to make all the parents keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts and behaviors.

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