Pappyland American Children’s Series, Songs, Storyline Review

Pappyland motivated children a lot as a result Pappyland involved ” Hall of frames” where arts were presented, sent by the viewers. Pappyland is now available on DVD.

Pappyland American Children's Series, Songs, Storyline Review
American TV Show Pappyland

Introduction to Pappyland American Childrens Series

Pappyland was a live action kid’s television show originally written by Jon Nappa. Total 65 episodes were written by popular children’s writer, Benette Whitmore. The series was initially aired on TLC from September 30, 1996, until December 1999.

Then, after cancellation, they came back and continued until February 21, 2003. Show starred cartoonist-artist Michael Cariglio (born in Whitesboro, New York) as Pappy Drewitt, who lives in a bizarre place along with different creatures. The purpose of this show was teaching children techniques of drawing by Pappy so that they can also learn some skills. This show resembles the show called Art Attack.

Overview of the Songs in Pappyland

  • Did you Ever Wanna Be: This song sung by Woody with pappy and written by Joan Nappa in the episode “Did You ever Want to be.” The song is based on accepting limitations and making children realize that some of their dreams are out of reach.
  • Great New Friends With Open Arms: sung by lookalike of Sing-A-song Sam in the episode: “Turtle Lou visits Italy”.
  • Super Snack Attack: This song sung by Sing-A-Song Sam in the episode “Snacker Jack and the Snack Attack ”. This song made Snacker Jack live a healthier lifestyle after his medicaid-cut induced discharge from Pappyland Mental Health Center.
  • High Noon: is a song sung by Sing-A-Song Sam in the episode “Pappy’s Wild West Adventure” to help Pappy feel brave enough to fight against Doodle Dude.


  1. Elmer, also known as Joe Cariglio, is a seasoned and witty individual who can often be found perched in a rocking chair atop Pappy’s desk.
  2. Binky, a talking paintbrush, speaks with Pappy from time to time and likes to paint.
  3. Lily, a talking flower who used to live in the garden but now lives in Pappy’s cabin.
  4. Mailbird (Ted Long), a bird who got into the show in the later seasons. His work was to deliver the Mails and he often crashed into Pappy’s cabin by doing so.
  5. Woody, a tree who has no friends and was upset about it. Pappy painted him and cheered him up and made him realize that he is not alone.
  6. Grandpappy Drewitt is a portrait of Pappy’s father and Snacker Jack’s uncle.
  7. Fishface was an evil fish with desires to cause harm. Pappy was able to win him over with his kindness and artistic talent. He lived in the lake near Turtle Lou and he made an appearance in later episodes.
  8. Tree-O a group of the trees. Later replaced by Woody.

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