Mountain dew mw2 redeem code: How to get mountain dew skins?

Mountain dew mw2: In 2009, a limited-edition variant of Mountain Dew beverage called Mountain Dew MW2’swas released in conjunction with the release of the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2“.

The flavor was developed with the intention of complementing the intense, action-packed gameplay of the well-known first-person shooter game, and it was specifically marketed for fans of the game.

Although Mountain D*w MW2 is no longer offered as Mountain D*w usually introduces new limited edition flavors.

Mountain dew mw2 redeem code: How to get mountain dew skins?
Mountain dew mw2 | Image Credit: Getty Images, Unsplash, Mountain Dew

How to get Mountain Dew MW2 Skin & Rewards?

You must take the following actions in order to receive the Mountain D*w MW2 rewards:

Buy Mountain Dew and Look for the Code

The Look for Mountain Dew bottles, cans, and multi-packs with a special code printed on them. You can find these codes inside the cap or printed on the packaging.

Register and Enter the Code

After getting the code, visit the website and create an account. Follow the instructions to choose your platform after entering the code into the website (Xbox or PlayStation).

Download the MW2 Game Fuel Pack

You’ll get a download code for the MW2 Game Fuel Pack after entering your code and choosing your platform. This pack comes with a player card, symbol, reticle, and weapon camo with a Mountain Dew theme.

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Unlock Double XP

You will also get double XP points for a limited time in addition to the MW2 Game Fuel Pack. Simply sign into your account and choose the “Activate Double XP” option to activate double XP.

How to Redeem Code Mountain Dew MW2 Rewards?

It’s simple to use your code to receive Mountain D*w MW2 rewards:

  • Visit website and access your account there.
  • Type in the product code from your Mountain Dew.
  • Choose a platform (Xbox or PlayStation).
  • Press “Submit Code” and watch as your code under checked.
  • you’ll get a download code for the MW2 Game ” Fuel Pack” after your code shows validated.

Mountain Dew Call of Duty MW2

Mountain Dew Call of Duty MW2
Mountain d*w mw2 | Image Credit: Getty Images, Unsplash, Mountain Dew

The “Fuel Up for War” promotion, which allowed customers to earn double Call of Duty experience points by purchasing specially marked Mountain Dew products, is one of the most famous Mountain Dew and Call of Duty promotions. This campaign has run numerous times over the years and has proven to be a successful means of connecting the followers of the two brands.

Mountain Dew has developed limited edition flavors and the packaging was inspired by the “Call of Duty” vedio game and “Fuel Up for War” campaign.

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Mountain Dew Warcraft 2 Game

Several video games, such as Warcraft 2, and Mountain D*w have collaborated, in addition to the MW2 Game Fuel Pack. By turning in evidence of purchase from Mountain Dew goods, players participating in this offer could receive a free copy of Warcraft 2.


  • Mountain Dew MW2’s was a limited-edition beverage, which was made in collaboration with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It debuted in 2009.
  • The soda’s strong energy level, tangy citrus flavor, and unique packaging made it quite popular among gamers.
  • Mountain Dew MW2’s vivid yellow color and zesty, citrus flavor make it an experience in and of itself to drink.
  • Mountain D*w MW2 is no longer available. However, its reputation as the best gaming fuel endures in the gaming world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mountain Dew MW2 promotion still available?

No, the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” release in 2009 associated with the Mountain Dew MW2 promotion, which was a one-time deal.

What platforms were included in the Mountain Dew MW2 promotion?

The Mountain Dew MW2 promotion was available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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