Michael Jackson New Upcoming Biopic Cast, Roles Release 2025

A movie about his known uncle, scheduled for release in 2025, will star Jaafar Jackson, the nephew of the King of Pop. The Michael movie will follow Michael Jackson’s life and career from his early years as a member of the Jackson 5 to his international celebrity and controversies. In this article we talk about Michael Jackson new upcoming biopic cast details and more.

Who is Jaafar Jackson?

Michael Jackson New Upcoming Biopic Cast, Roles Release 2025
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The father of Jaafar Jackson is Jermaine Jackson, the elder brother of Michael Jackson and a former member of the Jackson 5. The 28-year-old Jaafar is a singer and songwriter as well.

2019 saw the release of his debut single, Got Me Singing. He has previously made appearances on reality television programs including The Jacksons: Next Generation and The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.

Who is playing Michael Jackson in biopic?

In the biopic, Jaafar Jackson will play Michael Jackson. He has been learning his uncle’s dance steps, behaviors and voice in order to prepare for the part.

He has also changed physically throughout time to look like Michael in certain contexts. Jaafar has expressed his excitement and honor at playing his uncle, whom he looks up to as an inspiration and idol.

When does Michael Jackson biopic release?

In 2025, the 15th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is expected to be marked with the publication of the biopic Michael. The movie is anticipated to be a huge deal for both reviewers and fans because it will provide a thorough and accurate portrayal of the pop icon’s life and legacy.

Who is the director of Michael biopic?

Famous filmmaker and lifelong Michael Jackson fan Antoine Fuqua is the director of biopic. Antoine has directed films before, including Emancipation, The Megnificent, and The Equalizer. According to Lee, he aims to create a movie that pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s generosity and skill as a musician.

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Michael Jackson New Upcoming Biopic Cast Details

Some of the most talented and well-known performers in Hollywood are in the cast of the Michael Jackson movie 2025. A few of the well-known names are:

  • Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson
  • Nia Long as Katherine Jackson
  • Miles Teller as John Baranca
  • Colman Domingo as Joe Jackson

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Frequently asked questions about Michael Jackson upcoming biopic

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Michael Jackson upcoming biopic:

What is the rating of the Michael biopic?

The biopic has a PG-13 rating because it includes some violent, drug-related, and sexual explicit scenes. The darker sides of Michael’s life, such as his harsh upbringing, his fights with addiction, and his legal issues, are not held back in the movie.

What is the runtime of the biopic?

The biopic covers more than fifty years of Michael’s life and runs for around three hours. The Jackson 5 Era, The Thriller Era, and The Invincible Era are the three sections that make up the movie.

What is the soundtrack of the biopic?

Some of Michael Jackson’s most well-known songs, including Beat It, Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, and You Are Not Alone, are included in the biopic’s soundtrack. Jaafar Jackson performs songs and contributes a few unique songs of his own.

What is the budget of the biopic?

With a $120 million budget. The movie has a great production value since it accurately depicts the different locations and occasions in Michael’s life, including the This Is It concert, the Pepsi commercial accident, the Neverland Ranch, and the Motown 25 performance.

What is the expected box office of the biopic?

The biopic has a large fan base and a broad audience, thus it is anticipated to be a box office success. It is expected that the movie will make over $1 billion globally, breaking the record held by the highest-grossing biopic of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody

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