Lisa Marie Presley Spouse, Children, Age, Net Worth Biography

Lisa Marie Presley was the only daughter of Elvis Presley, the legendary American cultural icon. She was born in Tennessee, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, and was connected to music from an early age. Actually came from a wealthy and well-known family, she had a difficult childhood.

She witnessed her parents’ divorce and then witnessed her father’s drug addiction. She, too, fell victim to drug addiction as a teenager, but thankfully recovered by the age of 21. Lisa later began her own music career.

Her debut album, To Whom It May Concern, was released in April 2003 and went on to receive a “gold” certification after peaking at number five on the Billboard 200 rankings. She immediately released the critically acclaimed Now What, Storm, and Grace albums.

Over the years, she has collaborated with different performers and participated in numerous humanitarian projects. She had four marriages. She passed away on January 12, 2023, due to a heart attack.

Lisa Marie Presley Spouse, Children, Age, Net Worth Biography
Lisa Marie Presley | Image Credit: Instagram, Lisa Marie Presley
Full NameLisa Marie Presley
SpouseDanny keough (1988 – 1994),
Michael Jackson (1994 – 1996),
Michael Lockwood (2006 – 2021)
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1968
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, United States
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Zodiac SignAquarius
Net worth$16 Million
Lisa Marie Presley bio

Lisa Marie Presley Spouse and Personal Life 

Danny keough (1988 – 1994)

A musician, Danny Keough, fell in love Lisa Marie Presley in October 1988. They soon had two kids. 1994 saw the couple’s divorce.

Michael Jackson (1994 – 1996)

Only 20 days after her divorce from Danny, she married pop star Michael Jackson, shocking everyone. She had been by Michael’s side when he was arrested for child abuse. The couple married in 1994, but their marriage did not last long. In 1996, they divorced.

Nicolas Cage (2002 – 2004)

She later married Nicolas Cage in August 2002. The relationship lasted only four months before Cage filed for divorce in November 2002. In 2004, the relationship ended.

Michael Lockwood (2006 – 2021)

She decided to marry her friend, musician Michael Lockwood, in 2006. They soon had twin girls. Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood divorced in 2016. In 2021, the divorce was finalized.

Early Life

  • In Memphis, Tennessee, singer Elvis Presley’s mansion, Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968, to the American icon and his actor wife, Priscilla Presley. However, things were not going well in the home because her parents were not getting along very well and were on the verge of divorcing. Lisa was 4 years old when this happened.

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Lisa continued to share her time with her parents even after her parents’ divorce.

  • She would spend a year between her mother’s mansion in Los Angeles and her father’s home in Tennessee.
  • Lisa had a strong love for her father. When he performed, he usually brought her along, and he did everything in his power to ensure she had a comfortable life. She began singing as a young child, and her father frequently boasted about her talent in front of his colleagues.
  • But when Lisa was nine years old, an incident happened. Elvis was a victim of drug addiction, and in August 1977, heart failure claimed his life. Lisa, who was close to her father, was upset.
  • Lisa moved in with her mother in Beverly Hills, California, following the death of her father. She suffered a cocaine addiction while attending Westlake School for Girls, an all-girls institution. She listened to rock music and did drugs. She was now a sad, alone teenager. She struggled to get over the passing of her father.

Lisa moved in with her mother in Beverly Hills, California, when her father passed away.

  • While a student at the all-girls Westlake School for Girls, she battled a cocaine addiction. She listened to rock music and did drugs. She was now a lonely, depressed teen. She had a hard time getting over the loss of her father.
  • She made the decision to avoid dying like her father when she was 18 years old and found herself on a 72-hour drug trip. She made the decision to change her life right now. She was inspired to start writing music by this key moment in her life.

How many Children Lisa Marie Presley have

  1. Riley Keough
  2. Benjamin Keough
  3. Finley Aaron Love Lockwood 
  4. Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 

When Lisa Marie Presley passes away on January 12, 2023, her estimated net worth will be $16 million.

At the age of 42, Elvis Presley passed away in 1977. Lisa received her father’s whole estate when she was just nine years old. After years of excessive spending and being taken advantage of by his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis was far poorer than you may assume.

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Awards and Honors

For her contributions during the Katrina disaster, Lisa Marie Presley received official recognition from the governor of Tennessee. She received a warm thanks from Memphis’ mayor for her efforts.

  • Teen Choice Award (Nominee) 2003

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