Library and information science degree benefits for traveling world

Library and information science degree benefits for traveling world
Library and information science degree benefits for traveling world

Library and information science degree benefits for traveling world – Many of you want to go to the moon means travel world but don’t know how? Here are some tips by which you can use your library information science degree in maximum or effective way. “Travel world with library science degree”

Library work isn’t only limited to a room or books but more

People often afraid to take library science as career option because of limited guidance availability. Library science degree will not only enhance your knowledge but scope as well. All this depends on how specific you want to go. There are number of opportunities available within our country and outside as well.

Certificate v/s diploma v/s degree in library science

Which you should go for? In my opinion and personal experience you should invest in degree program rather than certificate and diploma. It will secure your career and boost your scope. After getting bachelor (BLIS) you can go for masters (MLIS).

How to apply for foreign jobs

Let me classify this in small sections. First

Qualification requirements – second, special libraries – third, job sites to visit and other options.

1. Qualifications

It highly depends on for what kind of institution you are applying for such as if you are applying for any medical institute library post then you must have graduation in science with biology plus masters in library science. Masters in library science will enhance your chances to get selected.

 2. Special libraries

They are highly specific…such as academic libraries, medical libraries.

SLA – would be a good option if you want to work in specific field. Visit their websites where job posts are listed by countries.

Medical libraries

Medical librarians can secure interesting position internationally because their skills are transferable and in demand.

Academic libraries

TIE -Allows you to upload your resume online and notifies you about relevant positions globally.

3. Job sites listed below will boost your search

Chronicle of higher education– visit and write librarian in search box and choose internationally and see what’s available.

Canadian library association– visit and posts jobs in their overseas section.

INSLJ– “stand for I need a library job” they do provide jobs internationally.

Training and volunteering

If you are recent graduated then training would be a good start for you.

IREX (The international research and exchange board)

My world abroad

Room to read

Doctors without boards– Medical librarians situated in New York.

Librarian exchange for better experience

Visit ALA’ IRRT (International relations round table)

Maintain international job exchange programs.

Colleges providing BLIS and MLIS degrees in India

University of Rajasthan

Delhi University (DU)

University of Calcutta

Aligarh Muslim University

Pondicherry University

List of Library Science Jobs & Careers

  • Web Services Librarian – Deals with management, content of a library website to meet student and staff needs of institution and to make it more user oriented.
  • Law librarian-This position involves managing libraries related to law. It may be a position that is offered by a specific legal firm, but could also be a government position. These types of positions are given to those individuals who have some background in law.
  • Research Librarian – Working in a research library setting, these professionals go through things like medical documents and books as well as scientific papers and books. If you have background of research like degree in biotechnology, microbiology etc. they will definitely give you more priority.
  • Medical Librarian – These professionals work for individuals with Healthcare and biomedical degree. Guide them how to extract information in more effective way. These jobs are provided by medical colleges.
  • Business Researcher – People who want to start a company or small business will hire a well-organized data professional who is specialized in various types of research and data collection.


Librarian gets excellent salary packages in both government and private sectors

In India, a Librarian can get salary between 2 to 4 lakhs per annum.

Institute where you can apply for jobs both government and private


“India space research organization”…yes all of us dreamed about working with space agencies but couldn’t make it? No worries, you can still work with them and help them to get data to in achieving their goals.

Eligibility-strictly give priority to science graduates with MLIS or Net-jrf.

2. Aiims

Aiims library comes in category of medical.

Eligibility – graduation with science biology with MLIS or equivalent degree.

IISC (Bangalore)

“Indian institute of science” well if you don’t know this institute ranked 35th in the world best universities.

Manipal medical college

KMC Manipal library promotes research. You can apply and this institute will surely enhance your skills.


  • Good reads
  • International Children’s Digital Library
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive
  • Many Books
  • Open Culture
  • Open Library
  • Overdrive
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Read Print
  • Riveted
  • Tor
  • World Public Library

Librarian should develop reading habits and needs to have multidisciplinary approach for that you can start reading with some basics.


  • Classics
  • Sacred texts
  • Academic collections
  • Kid’s books
  • Graphic novels
  • Audiobooks

Provides above collections and they all are basically free.

Some of their collections include 1984 by George Orwell, Siddhartha by Hemann Hesse, and The Mahabharata translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.


If you love reading fantasy/science fiction related stories then this site is for you.

They release e-book of the month where you can choose your book according to your likings.


This app is one of the best apps where you can explore books of different authors. Here you can enjoy different categories like -Horror, fantasy, Adventure, humour, mystery and so on.

Some are paid but you can find stuffs free in ample amount.

The best thing about it if you like writing than you can post your thoughts over here as well.

Fun facts about libraries

I know you somewhat got bored by reading this blog …I got you. I listed some fun facts about library blow so enjoy.

1. One of the most overdue library books in the world was returned after 122 years.

2. Library of congress is the largest library in the world.

3. In one of the libraries of Portugal in which bats are allowed to move around because they prey insects that damage the books.

4. Everything from traces of cocaine to the herpes virus to bed bugs has been found on sampled pages, but don’t worry, because there’s never been a documented case of anyone catching anything from a library book.

5. Librarian use special type of handwriting called “librarian hands”

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