Korean Thriller Movies with the Most Unexpected Twist Endings that had my Jaw on the Floor

Korean thriller movies, or Korean movies, are known to surprise the audience with their unexpected endings. I’m talking about endings where a character that seemed so innocent or good turns out to be the villain. Or an ending that leaves you questioning what really happened in the movie. In no particular order, here are 10 Korean thriller movies you should watch if you love being shocked by the end!

The Call, 2020

You don’t have to tell me, I already know. Because you and I are alike.

Korean thriller movies: The Call is a 2020 film that stars one of the best actresses of south korean industry Park Shin-hye. At last, Seo Yeon gets back home after quite a while away.

The 2011 British and Puerto Rican supernatural horror The Caller roused the film. The film spins around Seo-yeon and Young-sook.

She calls an outsider named Yeong Sook on an old telephone she tracked down in the house. Seo Yeon finds Yeong lives in a similar spot as her,

Despite the fact that they are 20 years separated. And afterward the two become companions from that point.

Then, at some point, Seo Yeon and Yeong Sook pursue a little choice that would radically change their current circumstances. Look out to find out what occurs eventually. “Will be worth your time”

  • Ratting: 7.1 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Thriller/Mystery 
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Style: uncover truth, suspense, exciting, realistic, psychological, twists and turns, surprise ending, psychological thriller
  • Audience: boys’ night, girls’ night
Media Source :YouTube | Netflix Asia

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Parasite, 2019

Act like you own the place.

The Parasite is the main non-English film to win the Oscar for the best film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

This is the most perceived film for Korean watchers on the worldwide stage. The film shows the partition between two economical inequalities living in Seoul.

It spins around a destitute family, casualties of class segregation and disparagement. Ki-Woo got to know from his friend (Park Seo-joon) that she has an English showing position in Korea and she can make more money from it.

Thus, the whole Kim family crawls and takes advantage of a rich family out of greed. The disentangling outcomes negatively affect the two families the same.

This one will leave you upset (emphatically) by its precise and crude depiction of society. However, who is the real parasite here? The clever Parks or foxy Kims? Watch to find out.

  • Ratting: 8.5 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller 
  • Duration: 132 min.
  • Style: captivating, suspense, exciting, realistic, tragic ending, psychological, twists and turns, surprise ending, psychological thriller
  • Audience: Teenagers / young couples / students

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The Wailing, 2016

Never be tempted.

Korean thriller movies: They set the story in Gokseong, a little town in the Korean mountains. A strange pandemic happens not long after a foreigner shows up in the town. Subsequently, a progression of baffling passing and killings follow.

A police officer, Jong-goo, researches reality behind the strange disease and the killing. He also needs to save his little daughter from turning into a casualty.

Eventually, the town’s people got truly more broken down. Then, the police officer runs over an unusual lady who inquires as to whether the outsider is responsible for this or are sinful powers working in the town?

You need to see this stunning intense flick to know this! With its chilling story and wonderful screenplay, this film will be a roller coaster.

With a runtime of 156 minutes, you will enjoy dark satire, unusual circumstances, and frightening scenes.

  • Ratting: 7.4 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Duration: 156 min.
  • Style: atmospheric, enigmatic, scary, macabre, psychotronic, twists and turns, gloomy, unusual plot structure
  • Audience: Teenagers / young couples / students

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Media Source :YouTube | Movieclips Indie

Train to Busan, 2016

Life-or-death survival begins.

Korean thriller movies: The story is about a divorced father, Sok-charm, who attempts to get his little girl to meet her mom. But they get stuck in middle on the train from Seoul to Busan in a zombie plaque.

When the train leaves, a tainted lady turned-zombie runs inside, and unfortunate events occur. The dad and a few different survivors on the train make an honest effort to arrive at the protected zone at the opposite finish of the country.

During this flare-up, travelers even fight against each other in a battle to survive. It is one of the most amazing Korean zombie spine chillers that will both alarm and engage you until the end.

  • Ratting: 7.6 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
  • Duration: 118 min.
  • Style: suspense, tense, emotional, touching, bleak, bloody, psychotronic, apocalyptic, intense, suspenseful …
  • Audience: boys’ night, girls’ night

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Media Source :YouTube | Movieclips Indie

The Yellow Sea, 2012

The only thing he must not have crossed.

The Yellow Sea is an activity stuffed tension thrill ride about a frantic taxi driver who becomes up to speed in a detestable plot in the wake of promising to kill South Korea.

In Yanji City, Gu-Nam (Ha Jung-charm) is a cab driver. Yanji City, in northeastern China, is home to more than 100,000 Chinese-Koreans known as Joseonjok. They live between North Korea and Russian lines.

However, as he plans to kill his casualty, a progression of unexpected situation

happen. Then, at that point, obviously, nothing went according to plan, and everything turned out badly.

Everything forgets about him frantic for a way. Presently, he needed to get as far away as possible. The peak will leave you shocked, and it is absolutely worth the effort!

  • Ratting: 7.3 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Duration: 136 min.
  • Style: exciting, suspenseful, serious, bleak, realistic
  • Audience: boys’ night

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The Chaser, 2008

The hunter and the hunted, the ultimate chase begins.

Korean thriller movies: The film portrays a serial killer who caught the attention of main character of the movie. At the point when one of his women disappears, a cop turned brothel boss and promises to find her.

He has just twelve hours to find the killer, and the strain that follows is dazzling and marvelous.

This film is perplexing a result of the characters and their profundity. It offers the watcher what they need to watch. The noteworthy presentation by the lead-entertainer Kim Yoon-seok and the frigid plots will make you astonished.

The film’s finishing up succession is without a doubt its most noteworthy and one of the most surprising. If I need to pick the main 3 Korean thrillers, The Chaser will without a doubt be on the list. Other similar film Oldboy

  • Ratting: 7.8 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Duration: 125 min.
  • Style: suspenseful, serious, disturbing, bleak, suspense, twist ending, psychological, twists and turns, tense …
  • Audience: boys’ night

Similar movies to The Chaser

Ichi the KillerPrisoners
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Media Source :YouTube | MOVIE PREDICTOR

Burning, 2018

Sometimes you can’t see things that are right in front of you.

Korean thriller movies: The producer centers this psychological drama on a little kid and her cherished companion. Jong-soo tries to be a writer however is presently working part time for living.

He runs into Hae-mi (Jeon Jang-web optimization) while working. They moved in together. Hae-mi requested Jon-Soo to take care of her cat while she visits Africa.

She gets back with Ben (Steven Yeun), a man she met on her outing. As the story propels, Ben uncovers his hobby to Jong-Soo.

The plot will astound you with innumerable exciting bends in the road. On account of this psyche bowing spine chiller show, get ready to be as eager and anxious as ever.

  • Ratting: 7.5 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Duration: 148 min.
  • Style: psychological, suspense, suspenseful, exciting, tense, ambiguous ending, psychological thriller
  • Audience: Teenagers / young couples / students

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Media Source :YouTube | Well Go USA Entertainment

Midnight FM, 2010

Korean thriller movies: On the last day of her work, a well known TV broadcaster and 12 PM DJ’s life is flipped around while someone attempting to profess to be her fan kidnaps her family.

The fan requests that she play the last broadcast according to him and she can’t tell anybody.

The film spins around a merciless fan who tries to be a legend enlivened by the 1976 element film Taxi Driver and the feebleness of a mother who works day and night to promise her family’s wellbeing.

For K-show fans, clutch your seats as you will observe a captivating thrill ride. Inside the initial couple of moments, you realize the film will guarantee.

  • Ratting: 7.5 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime, Action
  • Duration: 106 min.
  • Style: suspenseful, serious, disturbing, bleak, suspense, twist ending, psychological, twists and turns, tense …
  • Audience: Teenagers / young couples / students
Media Source :YouTube | KoreanFilmBiz KoBiz

The Battleship Island, 2017

1945 Hashima. We called it hell on earth.

During the Japanese colonial era, more or less four hundred Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island to mine for coal and their attempts to run away.

Lee Kang-OK enough (Hwang Jung-Min) is a bandmaster at Kyungsung hotel. He comes to a decision to visit Japan to save his daughter, but he is drafted into Battleship Island with the aid of pressure, being deceived through talk to ship him to Japan. On Battleship Island, he does anything to guard his daughter.

Choi Chil-Sung (So Ji-Sub) is the top fighter in Kyungsung (old call of “Seoul”). He makes problems on Battleship Island, but he has a warm heart.

Park Moo-young (track Joong-Ki) belongs to the Korean Independence group. He sneaks onto Battleship Island to rescue a member of the independence organization.

  • Ratting: 7.1 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Action, Drama, History
  • Duration: 132 min.
  • Style: tense, realistic, captivating, suspense, suspenseful, based on true story
  • Audience: Teenagers / young couples / students
Media Source :YouTube | Movieclips Indie

Black House, 2007

For the duration of his first day as an insurance agent, Jun-Oh (Hwang Jung-Min), receives a Smartphone call from a girl enquiring if a existence insurance policy could be accumulated after a person commits suicide. Some days later Jun-Oh is asked to visit the home of an coverage policy holder.

While Jun-Oh arrives at their home he is greeted by a grim guy (Kang Shin-Il). They talk for a while, before the father asks him to go into their son’s room and have a speak with him. Whilst the insurance agent opens the son’s door he found out the boy hanging, lifeless from an obvious suicide.

The father then visits Jun-Oh’s office and asks for the money on his son’s life insurance policy. Jun-Oh is suspicious of the man and tells him he has to wait until the coroner’s record is comes in. The person becomes furious and then leaves. The father returns very next day and again and again.

In the end Jun-Oh’s boss makes a decision to pay the man his son’s life coverage. Jun-Oh’s existence doesn’t go back to ordinary and actually descends in addition down because of a stalker.

  • Ratting: 6.1 (IMDB)
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller
  • Duration: 106 min.
  • Style: serious, scary, psychological, twists and turns, mind bending, bleak, suspenseful, realistic
  • Audience: boys’ night
Media Source :YouTube | CJ ENM

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