Dorothy Bonvillion: The First Wife of Legend George Jones

One of the most famous and well-known country singers of all time, George Jones, was married to Dorothy. Their difficult and short marriage ended in divorce in less than a year.

Everything you need to know about Dorothy Bonvillion and her connection to George Jones is provided below.

Who is Dorothy Bonvillion?

Dorothy Bonvillion: The First Wife of Legend George Jones
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In Louisiana, USA, Dorothy was born in 1933. She was sixteen when she first met George Jones, who was nineteen and worked as a radio disc jockey in Beaumont, Texas.

They had a daughter named Susan in 1951 after their 1950 divorce. However, Jones’s drinking and relationships caused their marriage to fail shortly. In 1951, Bonvillion filed for divorce, claiming Jones’s abuse and assault charges. Brenda was the daughter she had with her second marriage.

What is the Career of Dorothy?

Although Dorothy did not have an outstanding career of her own, she was active in George Jones’s early career. In 1953, she helped him protect his first recording contract with Starday Records and pushed him to pursue his singing career.

Several of his early compositions, including “No Money in This Deal” and “You’re in My Heart,” had her providing backup singing.

What is the Education of Dorothy?

Information regarding Dorothy Bonvillion’s educational background is limited. Since she married George Jones when she was still a teenager, it is likely that she dropped out of high school.

Jones also briefly enrolled at Lamar College in Beaumont, Texas, where she might have taken some classes.

Who is George Jones?

Born in Texas, USA, in 1931, George Jones became a great country singer and composer. With almost 900 songs recorded over the course of six decades, he had a long and notable career.

He was known for his unique voice, passionate delivery, and honky-tonk style. Along with his troubled personal life—which included four marriages, drink problems, and legal issues—he was also well-known.

At the age of 81, he passed away in 2013, leaving behind a catalog of beloved country music hits, including “White Lightning,” “The Grand Tour,” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

What is the Age of Dorothy Bonvillion?

Dorothy Bonvillion is 91 years old as of 2024, having been born in 1933. George Jones, who was born in 1931 and passed away in 2013

What is the Net worth of Dorothy?

Although Dorothy Bonvillion’s net worth is unknown to the general public, it is probably small. She did not have a reliable source of income of her own, and George Jones, who was frequently in debt, did not give her any income or child support. It’s possible that she inherited some money from her late second husband.

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How many children’s have Dorothy?

From her first marriage to George Jones, Dorothy Bonvillion had one child, Susan Jones, and from her second marriage to James N. Smith, Brenda Gail. Susan Jones passed away in 2019; she was born in 1951.

Six grandchildren and three children were born to her. 1954 saw ’he birth of Brenda Gail, who is still living. She is the mother of two kids and grandmother of four.

Quick Facts

  • George Jones, a legend in country music, had a first wife named Dorothy Bonvillion.
  • She was 16 when she married Jones in 1950, and he was 19 when they got divorced in 1951 as because of his abuse.
  • Some of Jones’s early songs, including “No Money in This Deal” and “You’re in My Heart,” included her providing backup singing.
  • In 1953, she got married again and had a daughter named Brenda Gail.
  • As of 2024, she is 91 years old and was born in 1933.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Dorothy and George Jones meet?

They met in 1950, when Jones was working as a radio disc jockey in Beaumont, Texas, and Bonvillion was a listener who called in to request songs.

Why did Dorothy and George Jones divorce?

In 1951, Jones and Bonvillion divorced due to Jones’ violent behavior and unfaithfulness, leading to a restraining order against him.

Did Dorothy and George Jones stay in touch after their divorce?

Jones regrets losing contact with Bonvillion and their daughter, Susan, and wishes he could have apologized to them after their divorce.

Did Dorothy and George Jones have any grandchildren?

Susan Jones passed away in 2019, leaving her nine grandchildren, including Tamala Georgette, Bryan, Jeffrey, Jessica, Joshua, Justin, Jeremy, Jennifer, and Jordan Jones.

Did Dorothy ever remarry after George Jones?

She married truck driver James N. Smith in 1953, and they had a daughter, Brenda Gail, in 1954. Smith passed away in 2009.

Did Dorothy ever write a book or give an interview about her life with George Jones?

She avoided public spotlight and lived a quiet life, only briefly discussing her life with George Jones in a 1994 documentary, The Life and Times of George Jones.

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