Best Comedy Anime, Romance, Adventure Movies List

Best rated animated movies you should watch now
Credit: Walt Disney Studios  
Best rated animated movies you should watch now

Here, we listed some of the best comedy anime movies you should watch now. If you are finding stuff like that then go and check below.

Zootopia, best rated animated action comedy film produced by walt disney pictures, best comedy anime

Best rated animated movies you should watch now
Credit: Walt Disney Studios  
Best rated animated movies you should watch now

It’s a 2016 movie where both big and small mammals live together without any discrimination. Among them all we find a bunny who’s dream is to become a Cop but it’s slightly difficult for her because bunnies are supposed to be small and cute and can never compete with big one. Likely she successfully becomes a Cop and was sent further to a big city called Zootopia. She tried to give her hundred percent there but other Cops at superior positions left no stone unturned for her like giving job as traffic officer was one of them and during that job she mat a fox who happens to be very clever. Eventually she got a real case of kidnapping which turns the movie to its actual purpose.

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Genre: Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family. Mystery

Country: USA

Duration: 108 min.

Audience: Family, Boys’ Night, Girls’ Night

Budget: $150 Million

Network: Walt Disney Pictures

Year: 2016

Where To Watch:

  • Vegamovies 
  • Bolly4u 
  • Khatrimaza
  • Yomovies
  • Hotstar
  • Soap2day

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The bad guys | best rated animated action, crime, comedy film distributed by universal pictures

Best rated animated movies you should watch now
Credit: Universal Pictures

The bad guys movie revolves around a Wolf, Snake, Piranha, Spider and Shark. They all use to do robberies and want to become one of the best robbers. Everyone near them dislikes them because they happen to be predators and never gave them chance to follow right track. One night at an award show a bunny who is a professor convinced them that he wants to change them all into good people. This movie contains lots of comedy scenes which will never let you feel down.

This movie is actually based on the children book series under the same name which is quite popular among children of age 9 to 11 years.

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Frozen 2, best rated animated family – musical – fantasy film produced by walt disney pictures, best comedy anime

Best rated animated movies you should watch now
Credit: Walt Disney Studios  

Frozen is a musical movie which is known for its standard script. In Frozen 2 we see that Elsa running Arendelle in excellent way as possible. Everyone and everything was good until Elsa hears some voices which let her into clouds of haze. She got to know they are megical spirits and unknowingly she invited them in Arendelle which ultimately causes lot of problems. She discovered many truths about them in order to protect everyone in her kingdom.

Tarzan is Elsa and Anna’s brother

Yes, you heard it right these two Storylines are interconnected to each other but How? Well let me explain according to co- director of Frozen when Elsa and Anna’s parents died in shipwrecked queen was pregnant and they didn’t really die at that time but they somehow managed to survive and reached into the jungle where queen gave birth to baby boy but later queen and king attacked by leapords and Tarzan was raised by gorillas.

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Rango| best rated animated western, family, adventure, comedy film distributed by paramount pictures

Best rated animated movies you should watch now
Credit: Paramount Pictures  
Best rated animated movies you should watch now

Rango, a pet chameleon who was living cozy life in his tank until an accident changed his life and brought him into the drought-affected village. He pretend to be hero or survivor for them. This movie shows their efforts to bring water into their village. Rango did many things unknowingly which bring laugh and fun to watch.

Well if you like Johnny Depp then get excited because Rango voice was given by him which took sense of humor at another level.

Raya and the last dragon, best rated animated fantasy world, adventure, film distributed by walt disney pictures, best comedy anime

Credit: Walt Disney Studios  

Humans and dragons used to live happily together until some evil spirits came and destroyed everything. Those evil spirits made everyone of stone including dragons. However one of the dragons saved herself anyhow from this tragedy named Sesu and she made a crystal stone

with powers which tranformed all the lives back to normal again. Later in the movie after many years history repeats itself but crystal stone wasn’t their this time it was destroyed and Raya takes the responsibility to find Sesu to protect lives.

Encanto | disney magic film | Action, adventure, musical family film produced by walt disney studios

Credit: Walt Disney Studios  

Its a movie of an extraordinary family lives in the village called Encanto they has been blessed by a magic candle with gifts. Every member of family holds some special powers except Mirabel and because of this she was avoided most of time.

Later in the movie we see unfortunate things started to happen like cracks in their home and they all started to feel less powerful and

how Mirabel finds the ultimate way to make everything back to normal.


In there you surely gonna enjoy.

Turning Red | Pixar animation studios film | fantasy, comedy, drama, family movie distributed by walt disney studios, best comedy anime

Credit: Walt Disney Studios  

Mei lee is a story of small girl who plays two roles obedient in front of her mother and fun living with friends. One day when she woke up she found herself as red panda. Later she finds out she turns into panda only when she gets angry or excited. Will she able to control her emotions or manage a way to go through all this. The songs in this movie actually created by FINNEAS and Billie Eilish.

Fantastic mr. fox | best adventure, comedy film distributed by 20th Century Studios, warner Bros Pictures

Credit: 20th Century Studios  

Fox, a family man steals for living but he was trapped by men. This movie is underrated and tell you the moral of the story in sweet way.

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