All about Moana 2 Cast Salary: Walt Disney Moana 2 Sequel Updates

The 2016 blockbuster movie Moana has a sequel in the works that will be released in theaters on November 27, 2024, according to the Walt Disney Company. Also we talk about Moana 2 cast salary. CEO Bob Iger made the announcement on Wednesday, stating that Moana 2 will not be a TV series as initially thought, but rather a feature picture.

All about Moana 2 Sequel Updates

The story of Moana 2 will continue the title character as she sets off on a dangerous journey to the far-off waters of Oceania, led by a mysterious summons from the past.

The production company claims that the movie would be “an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced.”

Maui, the god who helped Moana in fixing Te Fiti’s heart in the first movie, will be back in the follow-up. Moana is “an incredibly popular franchise,” according to Iger, and fans will be thrilled to see more of the pair.

Who is directing Moana 2?

All about Moana 2 Cast Salary: Walt Disney Moana 2 Sequel Updates
Image Credit: Walt Disney

Dave Derrick Jr. will be directing the movie, and Grammy nominee Opetaia Foa’I, Mark Mancina, and winners Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear will all contribute to the soundtrack. The voice cast remains not revealed at this time.

What is the box office collection of Moana?

After earning over $680 million globally, the original Moana movie went on to become one of the most viewed films on Disney+. Its amazing animation, catchy soundtrack, and cultural representation won it praise from critics as well.

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What is the Moana 2 cast salary?

Currently, there are no official announcements about movie cast salary; the movie is under production.

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Moana, which stars Dwayne Johnson as Maui, is currently under production.

The first movie as “a charming oceanic epic” with “an MVP voice performance from Dwayne Johnson, a memorable soundtrack, and dedication to Hawaiian culture.”

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Moana 2:

When will Moana 2 be released?

Moana 2 will be released on 27 November, 2024.

Who are the directors and composers of Moana 2?

Dave Derrick Jr. is directing Moana 2, which will have music by Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa’I, Emily Bear, and Abigail Barlow.

Who are the voice actors of Moana 2?

The voice cast of Moana 2 has not been announced yet.

What is the plot of Moana 2?

Moana 2 will follow Moana as she journeys to the far seas of Oceania after getting a call from her ancestors.

Will Maui be in Moana 2?

Yes, Maui will be in Moana 2 and will join Moana on her adventure.

Is there a trailer for Moana 2?

No, there is no trailer for Moana 2 yet.

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