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Pickon| Entertainment, Magazine Website, Pickon is the best website to find and share content on internet that offers content writing, viral post services to its users. “It’s made by writers, for writers”

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Click on "section 1 login icon" (see in login picture). It will lead you to login page or you can continue with social networks."

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Click on "section 2" to open registration page (see in login picture) and enter your account and profile details then accept privacy policy and to complete the process click on "compete sign up" button or to skip this process continue with social networks.


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Click on add post icon "+" or simply click on picture above to open Frontend submission page allows users to upload their stories, videos, memes and so on. "lets make internet more fun place"

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To edit your post follow these given steps: step-1 enter your title , step 2- add your content body , step-3 add images, videos, and links ( optional).

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For final submission follow these sections: section 1-must drop thumbnail here, section 2-must select your category, section 3- add your tags, section 4-want to add referral links, section 5-submit for review.